Class sculpted in stone, modernity as the essence of luxury

An ongoing dialogue between past and future informs the choice of details and materials. As you enter, your gaze is arrested by the impressive reception area furnished in stone, glass and high-quality wood. Walnut panelling with horizontal incisions and shards of light lead to the lift area. Residences with beautifully finished interiors are fitted with cutting-edge systems. Each apartment can be personalised with a choice of the finest varieties of marble, bathroom fixtures, doors and windows, as well as the most prized woods for indoor and outdoor parquet flooring. The various categories of apartment boast outdoor areas ranging from balconies to terraces and roof gardens.

Systems fuelled by hydrothermal heat pumps provide maximum energy and water efficiency, generating considerable savings. And thanks to advanced domotics, the interior temperature and humidity in each home can be regulated via touch-screen panels for optimum comfort. Moreover, advanced illumination and automatic dimming systems make it possible to create atmospheric mood lighting. Finally, particular attention is paid to security, which is ensured by integrated anti-intrusion, video surveillance and fire prevention systems as well as induction cooking hobs. An underground car park with numerous private garages makes it easy to access the apartments after parking.