Energy efficiency - class A

It’s no simple matter to renovate a historic building with a protected façade and a previously undistinguished energy performance (Class F). In spite of this, we will create a new home for you in Milan’s historic city centre that offers excellent energy efficiency (Class A). Indeed, the project features a radical improvement of the building’s heat insulation and the choice of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, based on heat pumps that can produce hot water in winter and chilled water in summer via heat exchange with groundwater, in other words a renewal geothermic source. Moreover, climate control in the apartments will be achieved through radiant floor panels in both winter and summer. Additional cooling via fan coils will ensure comfortable conditions during the summer months. This system will achieve high energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional solutions such as methane gas boilers, air cooling appliances or individual heat sources.


Hot water for the bathrooms will be produced centrally via the same geothermic heat pumps used for climate control. Moreover, surplus groundwater from the heat exchange process will be reused to supply a non-drinking water network for the toilets and irrigation of the gardens, thereby reducing the consumption of drinking water. All the kitchens will be fitted with induction cooktops, offering reduced heat loss and thus ensuring a healthier atmosphere, faster cooking and lower energy consumption.


The apartments will be fitted with electrical systems of the highest standards, in accordance with new Italian regulations. In each apartment, it will be possible to control the following functions by touch screen:

  • operation of lighting system with on/off switches and a centralized power switch at the entrance, with advanced lighting management (mood lighting)
  • heat regulation for each room
  • power load management
  • intruder alarm system
  • remote control
  • video entry phone
  • web service


Fire safety in the building will be guaranteed by an active system protecting both the garages and the shared areas of the residences. In the garages there will also be a mechanical ventilation system to extract smoke in an emergency and a carbon monoxide and petrol fume detector. Safety will be further enhanced by the decision not to use methane gas for either heating - thanks to the use of heat pumps - or cooking - thanks to induction hobs. Finally, a video surveillance system will be installed, featuring closed circuit cameras positioned at the entrances and other sensitive areas in the complex (e.g. garage access points). Combined with a concierge for each staircase (3 in total), this will offer residents the utmost security.


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